We are entrepreneurs who actively invest in other businesses. We like working with other entrepreneurs and business families.

We are flexible and our approach to investing is opportunistic. We do not focus on any industry in particular because our family members have diverse interests and expertise. We are looking to invest in new and established businesses that share traits of innovation, job creation, and social impact.

We look at all investment stages from seed and acceleration equity to growth capital for established valuable franchises whose owners want to take their businesses to the next level. Although we have diverse geographical possibilities, we are currently focused on investment opportunities in the United States and Western Europe.

Our members invest directly in companies in private transactions. Our investment philosophy adheres to three fundamental criteria:

  1. People Factor: We believe people are the biggest assets of a company. We carefully look at people factors of an organization beyond their professional qualification.
  1. Skin in the game: We prefer working with entrepreneurs and companies with owners or management teams who show serious commitment by having a  meaningful fraction of their personal liquid net worth at risk in the business
  2. Rigorous Execution and Differentiated StrategyWe prefer investing in businesses having or seeking a large market share in a small/focused market.  

Capital commitments are only a portion of our contribution.  Our members have remarkably versatile skill sets in a variety of industries. It is this experience that can be applied to create value over time by improving the businesses in which we invest.