Aster COOP

  • Post-Covid Risk management and Contingency Planning.
  • Exit of current investment and co-investment.
  • Intergenerational Wealth Management.
  • Coordination of accounting, tax, estate planning and investment services and aligning them to achieve family goals.
  • Family education leading to active ownership.
  • Philanthropy / Impact Activities.
  • Lifestyle enhancement (concierge services)

Aster COOP Services

The membership application shows the details of the services.

Individual Membership

Family Membership

  • Voting right
  • Profit refund
  • Participate in committees
  • Dedicated membership manager
  • Complimentary consultation
  • Complimentary services
  • Collaboration with members
  • Invitation to member,activities
  • Access to exclusive off-market opportunities

Services available with fees

Selected service included with 10% discount

Aster COOP Membership

Challenges of Single Family Office

  • Operating cost rising while revenue declining
  • Families’ needs change over time but difficult to restructure
  • Lack of processes, monitoring and performance management – heavy reliance on relationship
  • Small business environment managed by big corporate executives
  • First timers: both owners and executives

Aster Family Office Coop

  • Members = Owners = profit sharing
  • Activity- based fees
  • Management team and members’ interests
  • aligned
  • Focus on strategic management, integration
  • of services
  • On-Demand products and services
  • actively sourced for members

Multi-family Office

  • Client – service provider relationship
  • AUM (Assets Under Management) – based fees
  • Transaction-oriented
  • Focus on fee-generating activities
  • Off the shelf products and services

Contact Your Trusted Advisors

Leah Zveglich
Mobile: +1 (845) 383-7778
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Madhu Avalur
Mobile: +1 (845) 704-1067
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