Familiar Tune

If you play an instrument, you may notice that tunes you have heard before are easier to play. When you are playing familiar tunes, your fingers naturally move towards the next note. It is natural and effortless. When you play tunes you’ve never heard before, every note is a hard effort. You have to read the notes, move your fingers and play it. You are so focused on reading the correct notes that it becomes difficult to enjoy the melody. Often, you don’t even notice the melody but just the notes.

In your family, what are the familiar tunes? Is it your family openly exchanging ideas and looking for solutions; a member dominating the conversation and the rest quietly ignoring; or everyone arguing about their views and busy defending their positions and not listening?

Whatever tune you play in your family, you get used to it. Without realizing it, you will end up playing that familiar tune rather than playing an unfamiliar tune.

We work with families to ensure that the right tunes are played within the family. We lay the developmental foundation for future generations by playing the right tunes over and over so that they become familiar to the melody. When the time comes, it will be easy for them to learn to play the familiar tunes. Playing beautiful music starts with listening, not by reading notes or practicing finger placement on the keys.