Happy Gifting

Happy Gifting

Gift Giving: Where to Start

The season of giving has crept up on us and we’re all scrambling to find that special gift for each of our loved ones. If you are having difficulty deciding what to give them, try reading Giftnomics. It’s an article I wrote about the importance of understanding your loved ones to know what their heart desires, and to help you give the gift that has the most value, not necessarily in monetary terms,  but in terms of satisfaction.

Still unsure

If you’re still unsure of what to give, I suggest going the way of happy spending. In Dunn & Norton’s book Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, it explains why and how people get more happiness for their money by following five (5) principles, from choosing experiences over stuff to spending money on others.

Video: Michael Norton: How to buy happiness

Gifts that keep on giving

Over the course of a year, I’ve worked and partnered with many great people and products. I discovered the meaningful works of social enterprises, research institutions as well as people who are change agents in their companies and communities. This holiday season, I urge you to check out these wonderful gifts that give right back. These gifts bring lasting impact to personal life, family and business and some even help communities in need.

  1. Aster Club Membership
    • What it is: An annual family membership that will connect your family with successful families around the world. It will provide you with advisory services on wealth preservation, business growth, family governance, strategy, succession planning and successor development. You will have access to the club activities that include meetings jam-packed with peer learning sessions and highly experiential activities.
    • Why give it: It connects you with diverse families whose common goal is to preserve family heritage. You will have access to advisors dedicated to your family’s needs. As a family, you can enjoy learning and experiencing unique activities together.
    • Who is it for: Family
    • Where to get it:     Send me a message
  2. Assessment & Development Plan
    • What it is:  An assessment of your skills, motivations and aspirations that can help you create a life plan for the future or help you get on track. It comes with a written report and one coaching session with an executive coach.
    • Why give it: It helps you understand your skills better and reveals skills that have not been previously demonstrated. It reveals your true motivations as well as your inner aspirations that are not influenced by other people or by your environment. By knowing yourself better, you can create a plan that will help you reach success and happiness in life.
    • Who is it for: Individuals who are anticipating a life-changing moment in their life like entering college, joining or rejoining the workforce, changing jobs, recently being divorced/separated, retiring, etc.
    • Where to get it: Send me a message
  3. Cacaotopia Contribution
    • What it is:  Cacaotopia aims to improve the lives of cacao farm workers in Latin America. It will be structured as a social enterprise where profits are distributed amongst everyone involved. By making improvements in the cocoa production value chain, providing resources and business mentorship, we hope to empower cacao farm workers, raise their income and eliminate the unethical cacao farm business practices that deprive workers of the opportunity to live a decent and prosperous life. The project needs resources and expertise to realize its goal
    • Why give it: All contributions to the initial funding will cover basic equipment, travel expenses for experts, and basic operating expenses to help the project take off.
    • Who is it for: Everyone
    • Where to contribute: Send me a message
  4. STRI Donation
    • What it is: The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) is one of the world’s leading centers for basic research on the ecology, behavior and evolution of tropical organisms. Throughout the year they have ongoing research and many academic programs for children, undergraduate students and graduate students.
    • Why give it: Your contribution to STRI from $35 up will enable STRI to advance our understanding of the natural world and continue to educate the future generation of scientists, conservation biologists and informed citizens
    • Who is it for:  Everyone
    • How to donate:  Visit the STRI donation page
  5. WE’VE Products
    • What it is: It is a global online collective of hand-selected, exceptionally skilled artisans and their elegantly designed accessories and home goods.
    • Why give it: Its products are designed and handcrafted by artisans around the world. Buying an item promotes job stability, strengthen communities and ultimately change lives.
    • Who is it for:  Everyone
    • Where to get it:  Visit the WE’VE shop at www.wevebuilt.com
  6. When Change Happens
    • What it is: The book is written by business transformation specialist Lalit Jagtiani. It tells a story of how Change Management actually happens in an organization. It is a saga of the author’s actual experiences.
    • Why give it: The book provokes reflection and opportunities that are enduring and enable the reader to come to real grips with the daunting task of mastering techniques to usher change. It is an easy read.
    • Who is it for: Founders and members of the family who are involved in business operations
    • Where to get it: www.Amazon.com
  7. Speakaboos
    • What is it: It is a digital storybook platform with a library of interactive stories for kids designed to motivate children to read more by engaging them with popular topics and characters.
    • Why give it: Screen time turns into reading time with engaging and educational content they love and parents feel good about.
    • Who is it for: Kids aged 2-6
    • Where to get it: www.Speakaboos.com

From this day on be a smarter, happier spender. Give the gift that will not only make your loved ones happy but will also leave you happily satisfied.