How do I love thee?

Elizabeth Barret Browning (1806 – 1861) is one of my favorite poets. In her Sonnet 43, she says: How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways. ……….

There are many ways to love and show your love during upcoming Valentine’s day. Some criticize that it is overly commercial however it depends on how you celebrate it. Stores and restaurants do not change the nature of celebration of love. 

There are different types of love: love for children, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, mentors, etc. There are many people who are dear to us and make our life special. Valentine’s day is to celebrate our love for them and their love for us. 

One way to see your wealth is, who do you have in your heart and who has you in their heart? It’s not a matter of numbers but intensity. Who are the people who will put your interest before theirs? Who are the people who know your dreams, motives, and goals? Who are the people who accept you as you are in spite of your silliness and follies? 

Anyone on your love list, please send them a nice card telling them all of the things you cherish. Recount to them the ways you love them and the ways they have shown you they love you. The most important person on that list is YOU.

If you need some help, there are nice books you can get from Amazon. The book provides a nice structure and you fill in the blank or answer the questions. Of course, your own handwritten letter always works.

Letters to My Love

A book with twelve (12) fold-and-mail letter prompts that can help you write meaningful and romantic letters to the love of your life. This book has different versions such as Letters to My Future Self, Letters to my baby, letters to my Mom, and more.

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What I Love About You

A book containing fill-in-the-blank lines to help you describe some aspect of your affection for your beloved.  This mini book has different versions such as What I love about us, What love about Dad, why are my besties, and more.

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