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August  2018

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Join the Aster Club Autumn Meeting in New York this September

Autumn Meeting in New York

The Aster Club Autumn Meeting is happening alongside the most sought-after Fall summits and fora in NY. © sepavo via 123RF

Are you ready for Fall? We are! You’ll be thrilled to know that our global meeting is on September 27, 2018 in New York City. Business families from around the globe will converge in the big apple to hear family experiences and discuss learnings and opportunities. Be a part of a synergistic community of lifelong learning and collaboration families.

Enjoy family stories and expert insights on the Art of Living. Focusing on aspects of life that money cannot buy but are important for the quality of life. Families sharing their stories and lessons learned, and experts sharing insights into living a happy fulfilled life.

We are also hosting an Investors’ Breakfast on September 28, Friday for business families who would like to know about the unique opportunities brought to the Club. The breakfast meeting is for family investors and project owners only, no brokers. In the afternoon of the 28th, we are having the Club Projects Meeting to bring together experts, impact champions, and families to discuss exciting impact projects, pool resources and inspire commitments.

Join more activities when you’re in New York. We’ve partnered with the best organizations to give you access to the most sought-after events the week of our Autumn meeting.

Aster Autumn Activities Summary

The Aster global meeting is only one of the benefits of a Club membership. To know more about the Club and details of each Fall activity, please contact Rochelle Lacina at To register for the Aster Club meeting, please click here.

It’s a wrap!

Future Leaders Completed the Summer Young Leaders Program

Last July 26, several young adults completed our Aster Young Leaders Program in Buckinghamshire in United Kingdom. For five days, they learned about personal leadership, executive brain, appreciative inquiry, creative thinking and problem solving, decision making, career planning and so much more. The participants each worked on projects that they’d like to initiate in the future applying the knowledge and tools they acquired.

  • Alan Waxman, CEO of Landmass, shared his experience of discovering his passion in life.
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  • Our young adults having a musical moment exercise.
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  • Nicholas presenting his ideas and explaining the tools he used.
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  • Welcome Dinner at the Orangerie.
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  • Enjoying an English afternoon tea break.
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  • Nicholas' big smile on a Lunch break.
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  • An evening chat after a full day of learning.
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  • These future leaders formed a great bond.
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  • The beautiful venue overlooking the Thames River.
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  • An exquisite venue in Buckinghamshire UK
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Leadership development needs to be intentional. It is a lifelong process. Leadership and business acumen are skills that our young adults need to purposefully hone as they get closer to the role of a business leader. We at The Aster Club are committed to helping business families prepare their young adult members to become successful business leaders. Check out our Family Business Workshop on Active Ownership on September 26, 2018. The Emerging Leaders Program is on June 23-27, 2019.

Upcoming Activities

All of our activities are exclusive and have limited seats. To secure a spot, please save the dates and let us know early if you are joining the activity.


The Aster Club Autumn Meeting
Sept 27, Thursday (Full day)  | New York

The Aster Investors’ Breakfast 
Sept 28, Friday (Morning) | New York

The Aster Project Meeting 
Sept 28, Friday (Afternoon) | New York

The Aster Club Family Business Workshop: Active Ownership 
Sept 26, Wednesday (Full day) | New York

The Aster Club Affiliated Partners Meeting
Sept 29, Saturday  | New York


FORUM NY Meeting 
Sept 27, Thursday (5:30 PM – 10:30 PM)  | New York

C3 US-Arab Healthcare & Business Summit 
Sept 24, Monday (Full day) | New York

Concordia Annual Summit 
Sept 24-26, Monday to Wednesday (Full day) | New York



The Aster Club 2018 Middle East Meeting 
Nov 4, Sunday | Dubai UAE


The Aster Club 2019 Middle East Meeting 
Feb 3, Sunday | Dubai UAE

The Aster Club Emerging Leaders Program 
Jun 23-27, Sunday to Thursday | TBA

The Aster Club Spring Meeting 
Apr 10-12, Wednesday to Friday | London

Club Initiated Project

The Aster Club is evolving into a collaboration community where business families from different countries come together for the same goal: sustaining the family business.

Business Families in Kenya


Nairobi, the central business district of Kenya (© industryandtravel via 123RF)

In June, Aster Club partners Leah Zveglich and Tarik Alnabulsi visited Kenya to meet with potential affiliate firm Equinox International. Together with Equinox’s Managing Director Surjit Singh, our Club partners met with business families and leading family business advisors in the area. Many of the business families are keen on developing future successors and exploring business opportunities in Europe and the Middle East.  We hope to add families from the region to our growing community.

Bdar Center: Vocational Training School for Women in Saudi Arabia

We are moving ahead with our social impact project focusing on creating jobs and developing women. Our plan is to have a vocational training, and job placement hub for women. We secure jobs from companies through recruitment contract, we train under-educated women for those specific jobs and match them with companies. For the training program, we give them micro-loans which they can pay back once they get a job through monthly installment. We are putting together a solid group of partners and experts to lead our content development, operations and marketing efforts.

Other opportunities in the works:

  • Ujet electric scooter with nanotechnology
  • KOKO Networks, a smart commerce platform used  to distribute clean energy
  • A real estate development project in the Caribbean for a comprehensive healthy living community
  • Micro farmers coop for sustainable crop diversity

If you are interested in any of the above deals, please contact Dimitri.

Network News

Featured Affiliated Partner

Buckley FinancialBuckley Financial specializes in the creative uses of life insurance products and solutions to preserve, protect and grow multi-generations of wealth. It’s a full-service, independent life insurance brokerage and consulting firm specializing in the structuring and administration of life insurance portfolios for affluent families and businesses.

Reciprocal Club Events

FORUM New York Meeting
September 27, 2018 | New York USA

Middle East Family Office Investment Summit
November 4, 2018 | Dubai UAE

FORUM London Meeting
November 15, 2018 | London UK

Expert Insights

Is the Prime Central London Real Estate Market Turning a Corner?

By Alan Waxman

London Skyline

The London Skyline (©awsloley via Pixabay)


Leading estate agents in prime Central London have stated that average prices across South and West London have shown a slight increase in Quarter 2 of this year. Information shows the £2m -£5m price range is where the most activity is happening. Two/Three bedroom apartments and houses are becoming more popular for professional families looking to mitigate any real estate risk.

Any slight increase in activity is not a signal of full recovery; however, it does show Investors and End Users are taking into account clear uncertainties such as Brexit and the possibility of a Labour government. Landmass also understand that transaction levels are expected to grow as more vendors are marketing their properties with correct expectations. There is also a growing appetite for investment from abroad, where negative political and economic situations in other countries, are showing Central London real estate as a safer investment alternative.

It appears the market is slowly turning in the right direction; therefore, it is our position that the market is on track for a gradual but higher volume of trading and increased capital appreciation in the long term. The Landmass Capital Preservation Strategy service, just one of the Landmass services applicable to current market conditions, has been created to take advantage of this exact position and opportunities therein.

© Landmass. Republished with permission from author. Landmass is a London-based multi-award winning real estate company that operates in all fields of property design, acquisition, investment, and development, and specifically caters to family offices, property funds, and Ultra High Net worth Individuals. Alan Waxman is an award-winning designer and property developer. He founded Landmass.

Power of Reflection

By Leah Zveglich

Power of Reflection

©olegtroino via 123RF

I recently joined a recreation center. They had so many exercises classes. Most of them, I did not even recognize the name. It was overwhelming. With too many choices, I couldn’t pick. As I was walking out the door, I passed the ice skating link. There were some students practicing. It was beautiful. Well, that’s what I am going to do. I signed up for a lesson.

I am in my 50s. I am not athletic at all. In fact, I don’t like any kinds of physical activities. I wasn’t expecting much. As long as I am exercising, that’s good enough.

My coach clearly explained to me the difference in learning for kids and adults. Kids have better physical fitness but they tend to approach skating with less thinking. They tend to make the same mistakes over and over and it takes a long time for them to correct. For adults, they tend to think more and it helps them to learn skills and embed in their muscle memory.


I also know this from the research on action-reflection-learning, studies on meditation, and other research on Olympic athletes combining training and reflection. Athletes who reflect on their practice tend to do better even when they practice fewer hours.

Based on her encouragement, my knowledge, I put it to a test. I took a lesson and I practiced. I don’t have a lot of time to practice. So, when I do, I pay attention to what I am doing. The whole time I am practicing, I am intensely thinking of how my body moves, and how my muscle feels. When I am not practicing, I watch videos and read about ice skating to be familiar.

The experience is amazing. In a short month, I can do forward skating, forward one-foot glides, forward slalom, backward skating, backward two-foot swizzles, and two-foot turns in place. It shows the power of mind over body. It shows the power of action-reflection learning.

The role coach plays in creating action-reflection learning environment is critical. I am lucky I have a good coach. We also work with you on your action-reflection learning. Make this year your action-reflection learning year. Imagine what you can achieve!


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