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June  2018

Club News

Getting ready for Summer: Prepare for Future Business Leadership

Young Leaders Program

Preparing young adults for leadership and entrepreneurship

Happening on July 22-26, 2018 is the Aster Club Young Leaders Program. The five-day program is designed for young adults who are keen to get involved in the family business, to start their own enterprise or plan for their life. The program helps them to develop their personal leadership, and learn about decision making and planning. We focus on skills not taught at school but important foundation skills for life, and entrepreneurship. They immerse in individual and group activities.

The program will be held in Marlow-on-Thames, United Kingdom. Program fee includes workshop, materials, room and full-board for 5 days, and an assessment with complimentary debrief and initial coaching.

Encourage young adults in your family to sign up and expand their network learning with peers from other business families. To learn more, download the information here or contact Rochelle Lacina at

Summer is a great time for reflection, recharging, and planning

People often associate Summer with vacation, fun, water, sand, and beach. Do you know that it is also the perfect time for reflection, recharging and planning? As people take vacations, things move slow which creates a perfect opportunity to take time off. Reflection is one the of luxuries that money cannot buy but we all desperately need. Studies show that people who take time to reflect make fewer mistakes, make better decisions and execute their plans better.

Summer is a great time for:

  • a mid-year review and adjusting your strategies and execution plans. These allow you to achieve your annual goal by analyzing the data and making corrective actions;
  • organizing a family retreat to revisit family values and strategies. Summer is a time for families to get together and hang out;
  • planning for personal development and transformation. Our Young Leaders program is perfect for those aged 18 – 35 when the personal identity is yet fluid; 
  • starting a succession planning; or
  • setting up a family office. Our family office management and shared service coop is an ideal model for families who need flexibility, reliability, and efficiency.

Upcoming Activities

All of our activities are exclusive and have limited seats. To secure a spot, please save the dates and let us know early if you are joining the activity.

The Aster Club 2018 Autumn Meeting  
September 27-28, 2018 | New York USA

The Aster Club Affiliated Partners Meeting  
September 29, 2018  | New York USA

The Aster Club 2018 Middle East Meeting 
November 4, 2018 | Dubai UAE

The Aster Club 2019 Middle East Meeting 
February 3, 2019 | Dubai UAE

Aster Global Partners

On April 18, 2018, the Aster Club had solidified its reach in the Middle East by launching Aster Global Partners in Dubai UAE.

Aster Global Partners launch in Dubai

Leah Zveglich and Basem Abu Dagga at the Aster Global Partners launch

Adib Rashid, a partner at Aster Global Partners discussed the newly formed partnership

Adib Rashid, a partner at Aster Global Partners discussed the newly formed partnership

Aster Global Partners is a family and family business advisory firm founded by expert family business advisors with a wealth of experience in family business, governance, succession planning, education, strategy and investment management. This allows them to be closer to their clients to meet local needs while keeping the global connection and perspectives. Please welcome our partners who bring their depth of experience and breadth of knowledge:

Club Initiated Project

The Aster Club is evolving into a collaboration community where business families from different countries come together for the same goal: sustaining the family business.

Hospital Management

Last May 7- 11, the Aster Club, represented by partners Leah Zveglich, Tarik Alnabulsi, and a member Sheik Abdulla Zayed Al-Nahyan, visited hospitals and wellness facilities in Korea. This special trip was arranged by the Club, in partnership with KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute), to assess the current medical technologies and healthcare services available. The team discovered the amazingly sophisticated level of healthcare and hospital management in Korea and their willingness to expand internationally.

We have formed a project to facilitate the medical tourism between the Middle East and Korea while we are facilitating the collaboration between hospitals in the Middle East and Korea. To participate in a project as an investor, operator or sponsor, please contact any of the Aster Club partners for more information.

  • The Aster Club visited hi-tech medical facilities in Korea
  • Aster Club Partner Tarik Alnabulsi at the Korea University Medical Center
  • Aster Club partners Leah Zveglich and Tarik Alnabulsi joined by Club member Sheikh Abdulla Zayed Al-nahyan and premier doctors from KUMC

Vocational Training Program in the Middle East

In the midst of a workforce nationalization, Saudi Arabia is facing workforce dilemma with many of its local population lacking practical/employable skills. We are setting up a regional vocational training school to educate people especially women. We are in talks with content providers. Anyone who is passionate about women and education, please participate in the project as an investor or sponsor. We plan to launch the first training program in September 2018.

Other opportunities in the works:

  • Ujet electric scooter with nanotechnology
  • KOKO Networks, a smart commerce platform used  to distribute clean energy
  • A real estate development project in the Caribbean for comprehensive healthy living community
  • Micro farmers coop for sustainable crop diversity

If you are interested in any of the above deals, please contact Dimitri.

Network News

Featured Affiliated Partner

Landmass LogoLandmass is a London based multi-award winning real estate company that operates in all fields of property design, acquisition, investment, and development, and specifically caters to family offices, property funds, and Ultra High Net worth Individuals. The four key services:

  • Bespoke Design and Build – Award-winning service to plan, consult, and fully renovate existing properties, through innovative maximization of space and light, resulting in the creation of the perfect residence.
  • Bespoke Residence Sourcing – Specialized service to source specific dilapidated residential properties for clients, which can be acquired at a lower value, and then transformed into visionary residences.
  • Capital Preservation – Exclusive service to uutilize Landmass’ experience to establish and build a significant profitable portfolio of rental investments in Prime Locations.
  • Residential Development – Opportunity to Joint Venture with the award-winning Landmass team in development projects that are consistently achieving record prices in Prime Central London.

Reciprocal Club Events

June 12, 2018 | London UK

FORUM New York Meeting
September 27, 2018 | New York USA

Middle East Family Office Investment Summit
November 4, 2018 | Dubai UAE

FORUM London Meeting
November 15, 2018 | London UK

Expert Insights

Attending University in London

Why the Right Support Can Make all the Difference in the World

By Jessica McGawley

Attending a university abroad can come with very specific challenges that are not understood by everyone. (© dolgachov via 123RF)

Attending a university abroad can come with very specific challenges that are not understood by everyone. dolgachov
via 123RF)

Bespoke support and personal development is a good idea for international families with children attending university in London.

Going to university is a new challenge for everyone on both a practical and emotional level, particularly when it involves going abroad and setting yourself up in a new city. The prospect of negotiating a new academic, social and cultural environment can seem daunting. For students from UHNW families, it can come with very specific challenges that are not understood by everyone.

A student’s years at university can be a strong determinant of future success. They are formative years, a crucial time in preparing to take on future responsibilities within family structures. In addition to academic achievement, this time is an opportunity to become the confident, motivated and capable people that they need to be to successfully carry forward the legacy of family office. With the right support, networks and tools, they can become the best versions of themselves.


Simplifying the practical challenges

There are the practical demands of relocation to consider, such as securing a visa and suitable, equipped accommodation, selecting the right courses and adhering to academic deadlines, accessing essential services, and navigating a new city. This can be a time-consuming process, but with a trusted contact and the right support on the ground, the process can be greatly simplified.

Wellbeing is central to success

There are also the emotional challenges associated with establishing new relationships and a trusted network. This can be particularly true for the children of UHNW who, as a minority group, often feel the need to err on the side of caution when establishing new relationships, whether with peers or professionals.

This new environment, and the pressures of multiple simultaneous changes, can lead to isolation and loneliness, particularly in the first few months of university. This can have wider repercussions for a student’s academic performance and wellbeing. With the right planning, practical and emotional support, attending university in London can be transformed from a daunting experience to a positive one, for both student and family.

Staying on Track

Understanding and negotiating a new academic system can be particularly challenging – whether meeting academic deadlines for course enrolment, changing courses midway through a term, requesting extenuating circumstances and managing emergency situations, or getting an effective time management plan in place. Having someone on hand that knows and is connected to the system, and who can manage situations on your behalf can expedite results and help avoid unnecessary complications.

Confidentiality and Security

Because UHNW families are open to the scrutiny of the media and can find themselves the target of preconceptions and insincere attentions, students can be vulnerable. Surrounding yourself with the right people isn’t always straightforward. Understanding people’s motivations and sincerity is a skill acquired through life experience. At university, students can sometimes find themselves in social and even academic relationships that may exacerbate their sense of isolation or affect their wellbeing. Students can also be susceptible to security risks, so securing devices and data is of the utmost importance.

In such cases, it can be extremely useful to have the support and advice of someone on-the-ground and close to the situation, whom you know and can trust to offer constructive guidance, manage situations, and ensure that personal and family security is maintained.

Bespoke Personal Development

Dallington Associates provides bespoke support and personal development for international families with children attending university in London. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering best-in-class support doesn’t work. To be effective, support needs to be tailored to the needs of the students and families with whom we work.

Supplementing university education with additional programmes that equip students with new knowledge and skillsets, as well as exposure to the world, creates a more rounded educational experience and encourages personal growth. Whether this takes the form of coaching from an industry expert, tailored programmes to support candidates in their roles following university, or coordinated networking opportunities, the goal is to equip students with knowledge, tools, and contacts that will be beneficial to them in the future.

Good People Know Good People

Trusted networks are invaluable when it comes to accessing the best support, advice, and expertise. Whether you are looking for a leading medical expert, an educational psychologist, a mentor at the forefront of their industry, or a best-in-class tutor, having a ready-to-go network of the best professionals at your fingertips is the difference between an average university experience and a brilliant one.

At Dallington Associates, our work is underpinned by the advice and support of an advisory board of experts at the forefront of their fields. This board not only acts in an advisory capacity on a case-by-case basis but also brings with it an additional and impressive network that our clients can access.

© Dallington Associates. Republished with permission from author. Dallington Associates provides bespoke support and personal development services for international students in London. Jessica McGawley is a qualified consultant psychologist and the Founder and Principal at Dallington Associates.

Learning How to Fall

By Leah Zveglich

We get so focused on success that we forget that there are 99 failures that lead to one success. (© andreypopov via 123RF)

We get so focused on success that we forget that there are 99 failures that lead to one success.
andreypopov via 123RF)

When you learn ice skating, coaches don’t tell you that you are not going to fall. You will fall, many times. There is no way you can learn ice skating without falling. So, they teach you how to fall right minimizing the injury. Ironically the safest way to fall safely is counter-intuitive and it requires practice. Rather than resisting the fall, falling on your hip is the best way. When you resist, you are likely to hurt your arms and legs, or even worse your head. They show you how to get up after you fall. They tell you how to take care of your injury so that you heal faster.


The same principle applies to life and business. If we try not to fall (=make mistakes), we will not learn. The only way we can manage not to fall is by doing things that we have already mastered. Anytime we try to do something new, something we haven’t done before, something we haven’t mastered yet, we are likely to fall. So, rather than trying to avoid mistakes, learning to minimize the mistakes and move forward is the most important skill to master.

In Learning Organization by Peter Senge, he emphasizes the importance of celebrating the failure as a part of learning. We get so focused on success that we forget that there are 99 failures that lead to one success. Building a culture of talking about mistakes and learning from them is valuable. We want to learn from each mistake to avoid future mistakes rather than burying it and pretending it did not happen. This open culture will reduce mistakes and result in 49 mistakes leading to one success.

We support our clients to build a learning organization, building a culture of self-initiated learning and learning from reflection. It’s the most important tool in today’s knowledge economy.

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