What We Do


A Forum
to Master and Learn Best Practices:

Through meetings, newsletters, and online community, our members discuss and exchange information while fostering critical thinking among and within families. They are enthused to learn about a wide array of topics. They put great value on the knowledge and life lessons that they learn from their peers.

A Platform
to Develop Future Leaders:

We help our members tackle succession and leadership challenges. With our special programs such as Young Leaders Program, and Active Owners Program, future leaders can develop and establish their expertise and reputation in a safe learning environment with peers who are in similar situations. 

A Partnership
to Preserve Wealth:

Our members are serial entrepreneurs and active investors. We facilitate the information sharing on business and direct investment opportunities among members. Together, our members review joint-venture and co-investment opportunities and make independent decisions. 

How We Do It

Grow Business

  • Business matchmaking for families who would like to grow their business, collaborate with other families and enter new markets and regions. We ensure alignment of values and business goals between businesses and families.

Sustain Business

  • Enjoy and learn in General Meetings (spring in London and autumn in New York), Special Interest Group Meetings, and programs such as Young Leaders Program and Active Owners Program. Members share their experiences so other families can learn from their stories of success and lessons learned. Our global network of advisors provides complimentary consultations to support families in their family and business challenges.

Grow Wealth

  • Access curated direct investment opportunities from The Aster Club members, and other exclusive sources including reciprocal clubs. All opportunities are prescreened to ensure adherence to the Club’s criteria.

Build Legacy

  • Invest and/or manage club-initiated social enterprises. Participate in impact group meetings designed to exchange ideas on how to best use resources to deliver long-term social impacts.

Sustain Family

  • The Aster Club has 54 business families representing almost 40 industries from 6 regions who are actively connecting with other families. Build relationships with members of global business families. We facilitate one-to-one introductions among families with business and family synergies. Grow your network participating in general meetings and special gatherings including activities from reciprocal clubs. Stay informed and connected with other members using the Club’s secure portal.