Tarik Alnabulsi is a Partner of the Aster Club. He leads the Club’s activities in the Middle East region. His expertise is in family-owned businesses, family offices and families in the areas of strategy, succession planning, successor development, education counseling, family office structuring and performance management.

He has a significant wealth of experience in the strategic planning and wealth management services including establishing Family Offices and Investment Programs. He has gained immeasurable international experience across a broad range of strategic and operational endeavors. This has been further enhanced through working with world class, service led organizations where he contributed to their significant growth and market leadership.

Tarik is also the Founder and Managing Partner at Aster Global Partners (www.AsterGlobalPartners.com).  He was a former Chief Operating Officer of a large family office, a turned-around CEO of a large Family Enterprise, and a Strategy Officer for a multi-business conglomerate.

Tarik holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah and a Master of Science degree from George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA. He has held board level positions for a number of companies.